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Keith Stewart MRSS(T) NI Dan JKA

Private Session Treatment & Guidance

Private Session Treatment & Guidance Keith runs a private practice in Peterculter, Aberdeen.


There are many benefits to a shiatsu session, both general and specific.
Though more profound benefits will usually emerge during a course of treatments.
Those more obvious from the start will include : Relaxation of the mind and body, restored energy, improved circulation and a feeling of well being.

Over a series of treatments, sessions can be effective for
Back pain, Headaches, Whiplash injuries, Neck & Shoulder Problems, Joint pain, Digestive problems, Asthmatic or Breathing difficulties, Sports injuries, and Depression.

Shiatsu literally means finger pressure.
The practitioner will hold and some times apply gentle pressure on specific points much the same way an acupuncturist would insert a needle. Some rocking and stretching techniques may also be used.
A treatment will last approximately 45- 50 minutes.
The client will either sit or lay on a futon on the floor. There is no need to remove clothing. Loose comfortable clothing should be worn.

Private Session Treatment & Guidance "SEI KI GUIDANCE SESSION"

The client will again sit or lay on a futon on the floor, and wear loose comfortable clothing.
The practitioner will hold points until the client feels a resonance and / or their own original movement. Which might develop into Katsugen ( Spontaneous corrective movement)

Sei Ki is not something simply to relax, although the experience can be deeply relaxing .The client must be prepared to tackle their life issues on a deeper level.
People have become too dependant on pills and therapies. Sei ki guidance method is not another way of being healed.

It is using the body as a key to realisation. About eliminating unwanted energies to clarify desires , affect change in your health, career and relationships.
In a session, physical and emotional discomfort should not be fought against.
These are simply expressions of the body responding to change.

The body's innate desire is to balance its distortions, to get well again.
This guidance method awakens the deep nature of a being.
The changes which take place on both a physical and mental level are clearly felt.
In this way, harmony is re-established. The practice is imbued with directness and simplicity, inspired at times by other teaching traditions, but looking always beyond them to the very roots of our own condition and opening to the source of current inspiration.

Private Session Treatment & Guidance The practitioner will choose whether a treatment or a guidance session is appropriate depending on the client's condition and sensitivity.