Life Movement Foundation

WA-DO way of harmony

Founded in 1998 by

Keith Stewart MRSS(T) NI Dan JKA


Life Movement Foundation

Movement is life, without it death.
Surprisingly parts of our body are dead.
Or at the very least deeply asleep.
Areas that are stuck with no movement, frozen stiff with tension.

PhilosophyBy and large this is the human condition. Through habitual holding and tightening, in and around areas of pain (Physical or Emotional) we develop a way of easing that pain, but at the cost of creating this anaesthesia.

Poor breathing is a result of this tendency, and in turn this leads to distortion in the posture. This in turn leads to many kinds of disorder depending upon the circumstances and environment we live in.

Common to this way of being are chronic problems in the spine, and stagnation in the internal organs. If we recognize this and allow our movement to reach every part of our body, to express our original movement naturally, to irrigate with fresh blood and energy, then these areas of anaesthesia will indeed waken up - correcting the posture, regulating the breath and fostering vitality.
The human body can correct itself, if we allow it. If we are not afraid to feel who and what we truly are. The development of "Body Intelligence Sensitivity"

Philosophy  This is the aim of the