Life Movement Foundation

WA-DO way of harmony

Founded in 1998 by

Keith Stewart MRSS(T) NI Dan JKA


Katsugen Spontaneous corrective movement

The purpose of katsugen is to balance our body; to come back to one's self; to harmonise internally; aligning posture and foster vitality.

In fact this process is happening all the time automatically - when we waken in the morning we yawn and stretch without thinking about it.

This is Katsugen.

Katsugen If we allow this movement to continue we can deepen and enhance the practice, letting the natural system of the body become free to move spontaneously, releasing stress and ejecting toxins.

At the advanced level, Katsugen becomes a very profound and liberating meditation, where your mind is completely clear and you lose your self conscious ego totally.

Katsugen For beginners, who are perhaps self conscious about moving freely, there are exercises called Taiso, which prepare the body to express itself. These exercises are also used to pinpoint specific areas of tension or stagnation, freeing that area. In turn the movement will more easily manifest and energize these areas that more linear exercises cannot reach.