Life Movement Foundation

WA-DO way of harmony

Founded in 1998 by

Keith Stewart MRSS(T) NI Dan JKA


Gyo Ki is direct experience of KI or internal movement.

Not unlike Tai Chi, where the practitioner moves gracefully, allowing their natural free movement.

Although the practitioner does not need to learn a form of set movements

Gyo Ki is moving beyond form, letting the Ki flow by itself, naturally, softly, easily.

Unlocking and unblocking stuck and stagnant areas of the body.

GYO KI is a wonderful experience that anyone can do.
No matter how old or infirm.
It can even be done sitting or if needs be, lying down.

Gyo-Ki Gyo Ki relaxes muscles, opens the joints and invigorates the body's own    inner healing.

Pick your own music to inspire you and allow your own Ki to move.
It's simple, it's fun, it's great.

With practice, Gyo Ki becomes a moving meditation.
and also something that brings Ki into the hands
For body work.
Shiatsu or Sei Ki guidance.